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I am Koushik Banerjee. I made this site when I was in my first year in BTech, Electrical Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. I later moved it to the new address when geocities was closed. I enjoy bengali fiction stories and poems a lot. Apart from this I like music, dramatics & anything related to computer & internet. I enjoy the poems and the stories of Sukumar Roy still today. So I decided to put up this website. I hope it will prove to be a relief to those who love Sukumar Roy but currently can't grab a sukumar samogro. You can contact me at aboltabol_new [AT] yahoo.co.in


Kunal Banerjee, my brother, who now is a computer engineer, has been the major support of this site. He has always helped me with design and suggestions. You can contact him at lordkunal [AT] rediffmail.com

Updated on 1st August, 2009
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