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Life of Sukumar Roy
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pic - sukumar roy The source of this information is the book "When I was Young" by Satyajit Roy, the son of Sukumar Roy. The content is divided into three different categories. You can shift to the Did You Know section to get a quick view of some interesting facts in the life of Sukumar Roy. Here you get to know of some rather not much talked about qualities of the versatile genius.

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Brief Family Introduction:

Loknath Ray was from the Masua village in the district of Maimensingha. His son Kalinath was better known as Munshi Shyam Sundar for his knowledge of Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian languages. Among his five sons, the second son, Kamada Ranjan was adopted by Hari Kishore Ray Chowdhury, a distant relative. After adoption Kamada Ranjan was named Upendra Kiskore. His elder brother Sarada Ranjan and younger brother Muktida Ranjan were academicians and sportsmen. The fourth brother was known for his work on children's literature and photography. The fifth was a forest officer and authored books on forests and jungles.

Sukumar Ray was the second child born to Upendrakishore and Bidhumukhi's. The first born was daughter Sukhalata. Punyalata, Subinoy, Shantilata and Subimal were the other sisters and brothers.

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Events in the life of the poet:


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Born on October 30


First poem "Nodi" published in the magazine "Mukul". M/S U. Ray, Artist starts graphic arts & photo processes business.


Grandfather (maternal) Dwarakanath passes away


Award of Merit by Boy's Own Paper for excellence in photography in November


Graduates with Hons. in Physics and Chemistry from the Presidency College of Kolkata


Forms Nonsense Club


Aalok published by Yuva Samity


Visits Santiniketan on Tagore's fiftieth birthday

Sails for England on Guruprosonno Ghosh scholarship to study photography and half-tone printing

Writes "Halftone Facts Summarized", published in the Penrose Annual (1912)


Becomes member of the Royal Photographic Society

Tagore arrives in England Reads paper "The Spirit of Rabindranath" in the club "East and West Society"

Designs sliding calculator to help in setting up the camera during process work


Writes "Standardizing the Original", published in the Penrose Annual (1913-'14)

Article on the Pin-hole theory published in July, 1913 issue of The British Journal of Photography

First issue of Sandesh published by Upendrakishore.

Returns to Calcutta on Sept 29 together with Tagore and Kalimohan Ghosh


Ray Chowdury family and M/S U Ray & Sons moves to 100, Garpar Rd

Joint Secretary of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj


Father Upendrakishore passes away on December 20, 1915

Sukumar takes over as Editor of Sandesh

Monday Club formed


Sukumar and PC Mohalnobis jointly propose that Tagore be admitted as honorary member of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj


Admission Form Revision Committee formed


Marriage with Suprabha Das, grand-daughter of the visionary Kalinarayan Gupta

on December 13, 1919


Sandesh becomes irregular for a few issues.

Letter to Prasanta C Mohalnobis dated August 23, 1920


Decision to hold parallel Maghotsav in January, 1921

referendum on March 21 admits Tagore as honorary member of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj

Son Satyajit born on May 2, 1921

Falls ill with black fever


Becomes Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society


Passes away on September 10, 1923


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Did you know...

  • At eight years old this embryonic family humorist completed his first creative feat - a poem to "Nadi", the river.
  • At about nine, he wrote "Tick, Tick, Tong" which was really a translation of the well-known nursery poem "Hickory, Dickory, Dock".
  • He formed a club while studying as a student of the Presidency College. Can you guess its name? It was the 'Nonsense Club' with membership open to those with a flair for the ridiculous, practical joking and acting.
  • He graduated from the Presidency college with honors in Physics & Chemistry.
  • He went to England for higher studies not in literature but in photography and half-tone printing.
  • Not many people know that the master of humor was also a master of photography. He got the Award of Merit by 'Boy's Own Paper' for excellence in photography in November, 1904 at the age of 17. He Designed the sliding calculator to help in setting up the camera during process work. He became the 'Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society'.
  • His article on the Pin-hole theory was published in July, 1913 issue of 'The British Journal of Photography'.
  • He became the joint Secretary of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj in 1914.
  • The famous work 'Abol Tabol' was published just 9 days before his death.
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The information in the 'brief family introduction' and 'events in the life of the poet' sections was compiled by Saumya Ganguly.

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