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Here is what you have missed so far. The poems are not all that you want. The funny pics also have a great impact on the mind of a reader. Abol Tabol is never complete without them. Here you get kumropatash, tansh garu, khuror kal, hunko mukho hangla and all your favourites.

kumropatash Kumropatash

Hunko Mukho Hangla                 Hunko Mukho Hangla

Kath Buro                                 Kath Buro

khuror kal                                                  Khuror Kal

paloan                                                   Paloan

tanshgaruTansh Garu

The actual sketches were made by Sukumar Roy. I've put them in e-format to present the same on my site.

Updated on 1st August, 2009.
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