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Abol Tabol by Sukumar roy is no doubt one of the best collections of hilarious poems, if not the best. Here is offered all the poems of Abol Tabol in Bengali along with the English translation of some. It contains information about the life of Sukumar Roy, the great poet, to whom we owe this splendid creation.


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The most valuable asset is the collection of all the poems of Abol Tabol in the order in which they are present in the actual book. Further it contains the English translations of some of the poems( honestly, I could not believe at first that there could be the translations of such nonsense poems. Could you?) And how did you think that I will forget the creator himself. Here you get the eventful life of Sukumar Roy. In the download section you can download the complete abol tabol in an e-book format. The newly launched Pictures section is something without which Abol Tabol is never complete. There are also links to the sites, which will give you a further scope to learn more about all related topics. Finally,won't you like to know about us?

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            Don't know bengali? Take a look:

If you don't know Bengali, here is a good chance to get a quick overview of the language. Go to the bengali overview section. You can visit the English translations also to get a taste of the actual poems. Mind you, the translations are not enough to get the real essence(as far I think).

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We are eager to get your feedback. We learn from the stats just the number of visitors visiting us, but we need to know more about you. If you have any suggestion to improve the website, any new information or something interesting to say or show about Abol Tabol or Sukumar Roy, please let us know. Your contribution will be properly accepted and acknowledged. You can email me at aboltabol_new [AT] yahoo.co.in

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Initially, all my awards were displayed right here on my home page. But with the increase in the number of the awards, I had to shift them to my awards' page.

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